Discover The Goldmine In Fairly-Used Wares (How To Make Good Money From Trading Okirika)

How to make good money from trading okirika.
This article might sound funny to you but don’t get too frivolous with it because you will be getting to know some real opportunity in trading fairly used clothes (okirika) and making reasonable finance from doing so.
Have you been searching for opportunities such as this? Search no more.
Today is your lucky day because I will be revealing a lot of secrets to you on how to make a living in selling this wares.
What is okirika?
This is what most of us fondly call ‘OK’. We call it Fairly used clothes also and they are mostly foreign and imported clothes you can cheaply get virtually in all corners of the country. They come in all sizes and types, grade and packages.
There are lots of fairly used imported wares (Okirika) which include;
1.  Cars and spare parts
2.  Motorbikes and bicycle.
3.  Electronics.(Computers and cameras).
4.  Sports kits.
5.  Household wares( cooking utensils).
6.  Wears(clothes and shoes). Etc.
I will be centering this article solely on the number six(6) on the list which is ‘Wears(clothes and shoes).
Here, I will be showing you how to make good money from selling either of these wares.
How to trade on fairly-used (okirika) shoe.
You see, most of these wares(shoes) are brought into the country by dealers who trade on them and they are usually imported from Korea, London Australia etc. And they come in different pack depending on their weight and quality.
         For the Korean type.
Those set of shoes that are brought in from Korea are usually numbered from 40-50 pairs and are sold ranging from 20,000-30,000 naira for each bale.
Now calculate for yourself if you decide to sell a pair for a thousand naira.
Calculation: assuming you buy a bale containing 45 pairs at the rate of 25,000 naira. How much will a pair cost and how much profit will I make from it?
It means that a pair will cost #555.
Now if you sell a pair for #1000, it will be #1000-555=444.
Now, for each pair you make #444
Let’s multiply the profit with the total quantity to see how much you will make for a bale.
Therefore, #444×45=19,980 naira.
From the above calculation, the profit you get is (19,980) just from purchasing a bale of 25,000 naira is the least you can make for a bale because you may decide to sell a pair more than a thousand naira.
Calculate your profit if you decide to sell a pair for a thousand five hundred or two thousand as the case may be and see the profit therein.
       For the London type.
A lot of us believe in the quality of goods brought in from London and this have also made a difference in our preference and how we treat London goods.
Now for the set of shoes brought in from London, you can get them in their bale too or you can buy them by counting (select, bargain and purchase).
In the London type, same process apply too for the purchasing, sales and profit making. In fact, you can even make more gains here.
Note: the Korean type are usually white canvases though mixed with leather shoes while the London type are mostly black leather shoes and also mixed with canvases though you can get varieties from either of the types.
=Please feel free to ask questions where not clear so that we can guide you through.
   How to trade on fairly used dress(okirika clothes)
I will be dwelling so much on this part and this is not to say that the aspect of trading on shoes is not great. It is of course a great deal.
Here, You can as well have large varieties of fabric that you can trade on ranging from undergarments such as panties and bra, boxers and singlets, bum shots for ladies, night dresses, T-shirts and pants, designer gowns, skirts, shirts, towels and bedspreads, and even kiddies dress to mention but a few.
Talking about the dress aspect, we also have their grades/price, weight, types and contents.
I will be treating this one after the other.
. Grade/price: This has to do with the quality of the content you are buying. With high grade come a relatively high price depending on what your content and type of bale is. For example, Korean bale ranges from 100,000-200,000 naira, while the London bale has small and big bale. Small bale ranges from 50,000-100,000 naira and the big one is from 200,000-300,000 naira.
. Weight: The price determine the weight and size. That is to say that the price is the function of the weight.
. Types: This is where the Korean bale and London bale come into play. Their price and content differ.
. Content: This is the most important part of it. The content of your bale determine the kind of buyers you will attract.
We all like good quality even if we don’t have the cash.
Note that quality commodity attract quality buyers. Alright?
I will be dividing three types of commodities that you can choose from and they are kiddies wear, ladies wear and assorted bale.
. kiddies bale:
This is one of the huge part that will generate quick sales and much profit for you because parents can’t stop buying clothes for their kids.
The bale comprises of infant size through adolescence to teenage sizes.
Kiddies bale contain over three hundred pieces of clothes which when properly calculated will be less than 500 naira for either a shirt or a pair trousers for it cost price and you can decide to sale them at any price of your choice depending on how beautiful and nice the Okirika clothes are, and the good part of it is that parents will buy them at any rate you give them.
Let’s analyse how much you can at least make from a bale:
Assuming you buy a bale of Okirika  for a hundred thousand(#100,000) naira with three hundred pieces of clothes(300), how much will I get from it?
Solution; 100,000/300=333
Cost price for Each piece of the clothes will be #333.
If you decide to sell each at the rate of #500 it will be 500-333=167.
It means you will be making #167 for each dress. Do you think the profit is little?
Alright, watch this. Let’s see how much profit the bale will generate.
We will multiply the total pieces of clothes which is 300 by the profit #167 and this will be 300×167=50,100 naira.
From the calculation above, 50,100 is your profit from the bale you bought 100,000 and know that this is possibly the least profit you can make from selling kiddies wear.
. Ladies.
The ladies bale is one that is packaged with varieties.
You can make a lot if money selling this if you go for the right choice depending on your location.
This contain bum shot, gowns, skirts and a lot of them.
Running this even as a student is very easy and rewarding because it will profit you. It doesn’t require much stress and you can manage your time very well.
I know a lot of students who has been blessed by this and that’s why I’m encouraging you to venture into it.
Feel free to ask questions and interact as we will be attending to all your questions and also link you up on how to get started.
The same formula apply here too to calculate how much you will be making for each bale or trip of clothes you purchase.
. Assorted.
Just as the name imply, this bale has in its content lots of different kinds of fabrics packed up as one in a bale and it ranges from kiddies, undies, nighties, gowns, skirts, trousers, bedspreads and lots more.
Here, you sell at what ever price you desire because most of the content can not be easily seen around and they are also very durable compared to the ordinary ones you get around.
What most people look down on has its way of blessing others if properly understood and managed.
This business is what you can not cheaply look over because I know a lot of people who through this trade has become rich.
It doesn’t stop at the clothing aspect but went down largely to even electronics, handsets and telephone, cameras, car and spare parts importation.
Most of these big boutiques you see around also get to buy a very good grade of okirika which we call ‘first grade’. And they sell with a nice profit.
Know also that most online shopping site trade on this too.
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Thanks for reading.
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