How to Make Money Selling VTU and Data Online

vtu and data business
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How to Make Money Selling VTU and Data Online

Hello everyone! My name is Sammario and I will be showing you a little secret of mine on how to make money selling VTU and Data online. This has been putting cash into my bank account and food on my table daily even as an undergraduate for over a year now.

With the advent and inclination in technology and telecommunication in recent times, it becomes easy making money just sitting or lying in the comfort of your room.

Up until now, a lot of persons don’t know that they can actually make a lot of money or even save some cash or have a great discount from the sales and purchase of data and VTU.

In this post, I will teach you how to make some good cash and also save some money and enjoy a reasonable discount from your daily purchase of airtime and data(subscription) with just a little start up capital.

What is VTU?

VTU simply means Virtual Top Up.
I guess you didn’t know until now. and and a list of others are online payment platforms that are reliable means where you can get to sell services as a VTU vendor through your mobile device and/or laptops and get reasonable profit while doing other businesses.

What are the requirements?
Here are what is required:
1. An android phone
2. Readily available internet network to log in.
3. An account with the online payment platforms.
4. A little start up capital (as low as #10,000)
5. An advert or social media group chat where you get to let people know about your services.

Available Services
Here are the list of the services available.
1. Sales of data
2. Sales of paxful coin
3. Sales of gift cards
4. Sales of ladies bag
5. Sales of airtime VTU
6. Payment of bills(WAEC result checker, electricity etc)
7. Conversion of airtime to cash.
8. API access
9. Refer and earn.

You can pay utility bills, cable TV subscription such as star times, Gotv, DStv, at a price for your costumers. Recharge costumers phone with as low as #50 on MTN, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile at a price.

Feasibility Study on VTU (airtime)
Assuming you have like say hundred costumers that buy airtime from you on a daily basis, it means you will be making this:

MTN #100 is sold at #98 on the platform. That is to say that at every recharge of #100 MTN airtime you make #2( that is if you sell at #100 but if you sell at #110 then you will be making #12). While Glo is sold at #95 for #100 airtime. Airtel and 9mobile is sold at #97 and #96 respectively.

If hundred costumers buys #100 airtime you make #200 or #1200 at the rate of #110.

Glo airtime is sold at #95 on the platform which means you will be making #500 when you sell to hundred costumers at the rate of #100 or #1500 when you sell at #110
Same goes for Airtel and 9mobile.

Feasibility Study on Data Vending
Now let say you service twenty costumers on data daily then it gives:

MTN data
1 gigabyte of MTN data is sold at #500 while you can sell at #600.
If you service 20 costumers then you will be making @2,000 on a daily basis.

Glo data
1.6 gigabyte or 2 gigabyte is sold at #900 while you can sell at #1000.
If you service 20 costumers then you of making #1,000-#900=#100 multiplied by 20 costumers which gives #2,000 daily.

9mobile data
1 gigabyte of 9mobile data is sold at #650 while you can sell at #750.

Note that the above prices are not constant as they change over time either increasing or decreasing.
You can also decide on the charges you wish to add from #50 to #200.

Here is the link through which you can register on

Steps on how to set up an account with

1. Click on the link
2. Click on register
3. Fill out the form that will be shown to you.
4. Then submit
5. Your account is ready to be funded.

You can fund directly on the platform through your ATM or send the money to the accounts provided on the platform then your wallet will be funded.

Click on the link above to set up your own account. It is very easy.

I hope you find this article on how to make money selling VTU and data online useful?

Thank you.

    1. Thanks.
      The 10,000 is your start up capital which you will use to order for funds. The money will be uploaded and it will reflect on your wallet for transaction

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