Canadian Visa Application In Nigeria

Canada is one of the most visited countries in recent time. This is because of its beauty. It touches three oceans. And it’s geography, gives visitors the leverage to tour. And enjoy the view and beauty of the country. Based on the large size of the country and the few citizens. Canada usually invite foreigners who wish to come for job, work, business, and tourism to pick up Canadian visa.

Although, with the need for foreigners into the country, a lot of individuals still find it difficult to apply and posses this visa.

Here in this article, I will guide you on the necessary steps. And information you need to apply for the Canadian visa without much stress.

In order for one to travel to Canada. He should learn the visa types. And also how to apply for his choice visa. Unless such a person is eligible for waiver program.

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Who should apply for Canada visa?

Nationals from other countries who wish to visit. work and live in Canada are required to posses a Canadian visa. Except for those who have exemption. Or are eligible for waiver program or an eTA(electronic Travel Authorization) permit from Canada. And those from third world. Therefore, they need a visa depending on the type and purpose of the trip they wish to make.

Types Of Canadian Visa

For you to consider traveling to any foreign nation like Canada. You need to acquire a visa just like the Germany visa application and others. The Canadian visa are of different types based on your travel purpose.

Here are the various types:

1. Temporary Canadian visa

This type of Canadian visa allows foreigners into the country for a period of time. Usually for a short time.

This temporary Canadian visa include;

  • Canadian student visa

This student visa is issued to foreigners. Those who were given admission by any of the educational institutions in Canada. In order to go over and further their education in the country.

  • Tourist visa

The Canadian consulate issues tourist visa or visitors visa to applicants. Those who wish to visit Canada for the purpose of tourism. And to enjoy the beauty of the country.

  • Business visa

This type of visa allows the holder entrance into Canada for business purpose. The visa could be issued to an individual or group of people.

  • Diplomatic/official visa

This type of visa as it implies covers for foreign officials. And or diplomats from other nations who intend to travel for official duties.

  • Canadian facilitation visa

This type of visa is issued to Canadian nationals with double citizenship. And possessing only the international passport of the other nation. The visa comes as a stamp on the citizen’s passport.

  • Super visa

This type of visa permits parents and or grandparents of Canadian origin or residence who reside permanently in Canada to visit their children for a longer period of time.

  • Courtesy visa

This type is issued to persons who are not qualified for an official or diplomat visa. However, seen as people of high ranking.

  •  Canadian birth visa

This is issued to pregnant women who fulfil all the Canadian consulate requirements to birth in Canada. This is done in order for the child to become a citizen of Canada.

  • Temporary residence

This is given to applicants who wish to live temporarily in Canada but are not qualified. Thus, they are rather given a period of stay less than 30 days.

  • Temporary work visa

This is issued to foreigners who have job offer in Canada. Applicants are to present his job invite letter at the embassy. This visa usually have a validity of 180 days before being given the right visa.

  • Working holiday visa

This is opened to young individuals from selected countries, either for a visit or job offer for a period of time. Applicants who submit their application are randomly selected to visit Canada.

  • Medical visa

This is issued on health ground. It is either for treatment or for organ donations from other nationals to Canadian citizens.

  • Permanent Canadian visa

This is the type of visa that allows permanent residence of foreigners in Canada. This visa are of different types and they include ;

  • Family sponsorship visa

This is issued to Canadian nationals. Or permanent residents of Canada whose children or partners are dependent are allowed into Canada for a permanent stay by the virtue of holding this type of visa.

  • Canadian start up visa

This visa is for individuals or group of persons who wish to travel to Canada in order to help boost their economy. For one to be qualified for this type of visa, he must be worth 300,000 Canadian dollars as minimum. And must therefore be able to create and manage the employment in three years within the country.

  • Quebec-selected skilled workers program

This is an application for people who meet up with the QSWP requirements by being fluent in French. Possessing the right skills or occupation. This visa permits you to live permanently in the Quebec province and also work freely.

  • Immigrant investors program

This covers for individuals who wish to invest in Canada economy. Such individuals must have a net worth of 800,000 Canadian dollars as minimum. And be willing to invest half of such amount into the economy. This will be returned by the Canadian government in give years without interest.

  • Entrepreneurship visa

This type of visa is issued to self employed individuals. Who after illustrating their business plan, stating their financial strength and skills on their area of specialty are given a permanent stay in Canada.

  • Live in caregivers program

This visa type, LCP are for people who are fit to give care to the sick, elderly, disabled or kids. This visa allows them to live and work in their homes in Canada.

3. Canadian express entry visa

This express entry visa created by Canadian government is an electronic immigration program. this permits immigrants from other countries into the country. This program exists on four fronts, which include;

– The federal skilled trades program; for qualified trades people in carpentry, welding, plumbing etc.

– The federal skilled workers program

– Provincial nomination programs; for semi or low skilled persons.

– Canadian Experience class ; for people with temporary residency visa who wish to gain permanent residence in Canada.

What Are The Requirements To Apply For Canadian Visa?

Different visa require different types of documents for its own unique application. Although, there are general documents and requirements that must be provided. These are:

  • Your Canadian visa application form
  • Your Nigerian e-passport/international passport with at least 6 months duration and two blank pages.
  • Two recent copies of your passport photographs.
  • Your travel health insurance cover. Stating that you are healthy enough to travel.
  • Statement of account. Statement showing your financial strength and ability to pay your bills.
  • Your travel itinerary. Showing your provision flight bookings, like accommodation/hotel reservations, jobs etc.
  • Copy of visa application fee. A copy showing your visa fee transaction.
  • Provision of previous passport showing travel history. If there is any.
  • A list of other documents as displayed on the checklist and also depending on your visa type.

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How Much Is Canada Visa Fee?

The Canadian visa fee depends on the type of visa you wish to apply for. However, there are other charges you will be required to pay. These are your biometric fee at 66 Canadian dollars and processing fee at 77 Canadian dollars.

The normal Canadian visitor’s visa cost is $can100. which is around 27,000 to 30,000 Nigerian naira. While work visa fee is $can155, study visa is $can150, permanent residence fee is $can1,540 and service charge at $can 47

Where To Apply For Canadian Visa

You can apply for this visa either offline or online.

The offline requires you to go to the Canadian embassy in Nigeria. Here, you will apply for your visa at the visa application center. And the online, where you will apply through their website.

Here are the addresses for VAC. Where you can apply for Canadian visa in Nigeria offline.

4 Anifowoshe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Nigeria, Manor hall, plot 110, admiral ayinla way, third roundabout, lekki phase 1, Lagos and Silverbird entertainment center, plot 1161, memorial drive, central business district, Abuja.

How to apply for Canadian visa

Here is the step by step guide on how to apply for the Canadian visa.

– Visit the IRCC website to read the complete information on the visa. Download the checklist. And the right application forms as regards to the reason of travel.

– Put all the necessary required documents together. And fill out the visa application form as directed.

– Read the privacy policy attached to the form. Fill the VFS consent form. And append it to your application form. Else, your application will be turned down.

– Have your visa fee, biometric and other fees paid.

– Get your application firm and other required documents submitted to your visa application center.

– Get to the VAC and pay the service charge. Obtain a receipt. That receipt obtained contains a peculiar tracking number (TN). This will be used in tracking your visa process online.


The content of this article ‘Canadian visa application in Nigeria’. Is a guide to as many who wish to apply for Canada visa in Nigeria.

Your questions and comments are welcome.

Thanks for reading.

  1. It will be helpful to Nigerians if you can give the value of the money in Nigerian Naira as well because most Nigerians like Mr don’t know the difference in the value of Nigerian Naira and Canadian Dollar.
    Thank you

  2. Please can someone with no higher school diploma apply?
    What about someone with low job still who want to travel and settle in Canada, please make me aware like approximately how much should one make in place for this journey? Please you can get me on whatsapp +233240196473 I live in Accra Ghana and I would like to hear more direction please 🙏

    1. Yes you can.
      Your application is dependent on your purpose of traveling.

      However, If you can meet up with the expenses, then you have nothing much to worry about.

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