Best universities to Study Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria

universities to study medicine

Are you looking for the best universities in Nigeria? A school where you can study medicine and surgery as a course and become a medical doctor?
Do you wish and desire to become a medical doctor in Nigeria by studying medicine in the top schools within the country?

Perhaps you are caught up in choosing from the finest higher institution in the country that offers this course. That is, Universities that are well accredited by the Medical and Dentistry Council of Nigeria(MDCN).

Now, do you know that some colleges of medicine in Nigeria are not properly accredited for this course. But goes ahead to admit student?  This results in transferring students to schools with the MDCN approval at some point or level of their study.

In this post, we have made a compilation of some of the best universities in Nigeria. Colleges where you can study medicine and surgery. With this information, we hope that your quest on this matter be solved.
Although, there are still some other nice and rightly approved tertiary institutions in Nigeria. That offer this course that are not captured here. Also, the arrangement of this universities are not in any specific order of preference or hierarchy.

List of Some Well Approved Medical Schools and Colleges in Nigeria That offers Medicine and Surgery.

By our list, here are the best universities(medical schools) to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria.
1. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria (ABU Zaria)
2. University of Ibadan (UI faculty of medicine)
3. University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)
4. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)
5. University of Lagos (Unilag)
6. University of Benin (Uniben)
7. University of Ilorin (UniIlorin)
8. Delta state university (Delsu)
9. Babcock University
10. Bingham University

Ahmadu Bello University

Are you thinking of studying medicine in northern Nigeria and yet to choose? ABU Zaria, is the leading university in the northern part of Nigeria to have your dream come through. ABU is the oldest university in the north to offer this course.
The school teaching hospital, ABUTH is one that is well funded and having the right medical facilities. No wonder students from this college are breaking ground in the field of medicine. This university is sure one of the best colleges to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria.

University of Ibadan

University of Ibadan is fondly called UI. This Is one of the oldest universities in Nigeria. This educational institution existed before the birth of the nation. Upholding academic excellence, UI ranks as top ten universities in Africa and as number one in Nigeria. This university is located in the central western part of the country. This school boast in its alumni in various fields of study. And has other medical faculties attached to its college of medicine.

These medical faculties include.
. Faculty of public health.
. Their Faculty of basic medical sciences.
. Faculty of dentistry.
. Their Faculty of clinical sciences.
Due to the availability of standard medical facilities in the college’s teaching hospital. UI students usually come out proud and unique. No doubt, you should look towards this direction.

University of Nigeria Nsukka

The university of Nigeria Nsukka. UNN college of medicine has right from the birth of the school been upholding unique academic excellence. This prestigious tertiary institution, especially her College of medicine has been a hall mark of reference.

The medical faculty is comprised of the following faculties.
. Faculty of Dentistry.
. Their Faculty of health science and technology.
. Faculty of medical science.
UNN is located in the Eastern part of Nigeria. With different campuses within Enugu. And also affiliated to others within the country. UNTH, is a notable hospital in the state. This teaching hospital is owned by the higher institution. Medical students from this university are trained in the university teaching hospital. UNN is one of the best universities in Nigeria to study medicine and surgery.

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Obafemi Awolowo University

Obafemi Awolowo University. OAU has one of the best colleges of medicine in Nigeria. This too, I will recommend for you. This university just like the university of Ibadan. It is located in the western part of Nigeria. Medical students from this institution are widely employed as medical doctors in Nigeria. This is due to high level of excellence in their medical field.
Being on the top best list of universities in Nigeria, I encourage you to pursue your career here.

University of Lagos

Federal university of Lagos, commonly called Unilag. Is one of Nigeria’s best tertiary institutions that are prominent in their high profile of academic attainment. They hold a hall mark of excellence right from the inception of the college. Unilag college of medical science take pride in their faculty of;
. Dentistry.
. Clinical sciences.
. Basic and public health sciences.
Our hospitals are flooded with doctors from this renowned university. This school has medical facilities and equipment used in training students. It is no doubt that Unilag is one of the best universities to study medicine in Nigeria.

University of Benin

In the ancient great city of Benin is situated this prolific University. This school has churned out large number of prominent doctors in Nigeria.
Uniben is one of the southern best universities in Nigeria. They boast in their cultural and socioacademic attainment. UBTH is owned by the school. And has become one of the finest hospitals in the region. The teaching hospital is capable of handling delicate and complex health issues. Uniben is a sure bet for you.

University of Ilorin

University of Ilorin are well disciplined. They are strict when admitting students into the school. This is so because they value thoroughness. And give admission to students based on merits. This attribute can also be experienced in some of the prominent schools in Nigeria. like UNN, ABU Zaria and the list of others.
With well regulated academic calendar. And a conducive atmosphere for learning, uniilorin is ranked as one of the best colleges to study medicine in Nigeria. Attached to the college are other medical faculties. Like basic medical sciences and faculty of clinical sciences.

Delta State University

This is one of the best state universities in Nigeria that offers medical courses. This state university own the famous Delsu teaching hospital. Just like the great Uniben, Delsu is found in the southern part of the country. And offers lots of other medical courses like radiology, psychiatry, with faculties such as
.  Faculty of family medicine and anatomy.
. Their Faculty of medicine.
. Faculty of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics.

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Babcock University

Babcock University is one of the leading private universities in the country. They offer medicine and surgery as a course. This school named its college of medicine after world class and famous surgeon, Benjamin Carson. This school’s Benjamin Carson college of medicine is one of the best in the country. With well equipped medical facilities. These set of equipment are used in training students.
Having an anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition and dietetics. This university graduated their first set of doctors in 2017.

Bingham University

Just like babcock University, Bingham is a private university founded by ECWA church. It is located in Karu local government in Nasarawa state. few kilometers away from Abuja FCT. The school has its teaching hospital sited in Jos, Plateau state.
Schooling in one of these private guarantee a well regulated academic calendar.


The best universities to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria in this post are not the only top rated universities. Although, I recommend that you consider them when picking one to pursue your career as a doctor. Do well to check if the school requirements and location is something you can do with comfortably.
Thanks for reading.

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