Tales Of Aunty Bimpe (Episode 1)

Here is a very interesting story by Adesua Prayers.  Titled “Tales of Aunty Bimpe episode 1”. Enjoy it.

Hmmn…. Have you heard?

Aunty Bimpe has gone to live with a man!

She lived alone but rent became due and ‘magga neva pay.’

There is a plan;

His house is more than enough home for them both.

The neighbors are talking,her parents are watching.

‘She’s just two years to being forty’…they say.

‘She don dey old oh… At least when he gets her pregnant, her dowry he would pay’.

Everyone lies in wait, their ears as high as a rabbit’s.

Their eyes brighter than an owl’s.

‘Make we dey see’ they conclude and go their way.

Nine months later, the cry of a baby is heard.

Friends and family attend the ceremony, those invited and passersby; ready to celebrate and to be informed of the latest. No one would doubt an eyewitness; especially one who has always got any information at her beck and call..

All antennas were switched on, picking every information like a tape recorder…Eyes, ears and lips working at the same time to achieve a desired purpose…

‘The baby is so cute, oh he looks like the father but he has his mother’s nose!”

Aunty Bimpe grinned from ear to ear; finally she had proved her worth and gotten herself a home, or not..!?

Uncle has not paid her dowry yet…

She would be patient after all they just welcomed a baby. He needs time to prepare. He need not appear empty and broke before his in-laws. Just a little time, she affirmed. Yes! Just a little time.

And days rolled into weeks, weeks into months. Uncle became as unstable as a housefly; claiming busy-ness or consoling her with the words ‘I’m on it’. Not only was Uncle unstable, he became anxious too and blamed it either on his day or his job.

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Tales of Aunty Bimpe episode 1. 

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