How To Reverse Airtime Purchased From The Bank.

Have you ever made the mistake of over buying airtime from your bank? Perhaps you don’t know how to reverse the airtime purchased from the same bank.

Don’t let this be a serious burden or panic to you. In this article, I will be doing well to explain to you how to get a refund of your excess airtime back to money.

Although, they are recharge companies such as, etc that have this option on their site. With these sites, you can convert airtime to cash and still purchase airtime and data. However, we are considering a situation where the purchase is made by you from your bank account.

It is unarguably that we are bound to make mistakes at times of which toping up your airtime excessively is not excluded.

In this era of technological inclination and advancement where you can almost get everything done just sitting at your comfort zone. Buying of airtime is one of the cheapest things to do online. However, a lot of people have made and are making the mistake of over buying. For example, you want to top up your airtime with #500 using the ussd code and you suddenly add another zero making it #5000. You realized when the purchase has been completed. You wonder and ask. How do i get a refund of my cash in exchange for the excessive purchase made? Is it possible? Lets find out.

How Can I Get a Refund of My Excessively Purchased Airtime From The Bank? 

Getting your refund back to your bank account is possible. Once you notice that you have made the mistake of buying more than required, all you need to do is place a call to your bank customer care line. To get the helpline of your bank, check the body of your ATM card. Some banks place theirs at the top while others at the bottom.

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Meanwhile, ensure that you don’t temper with the airtime you purchased. And also, let the line recharged be the sim you registered with the bank.

If all these are met and you have called the costumer care line, you will be asked some few questions which if correct, your money will be refunded. Although, it is not guaranteed and it may take some time to rectify.

If you have the time, you can as well walk into any branch of your bank close by to lodge the complain.

This works for all banks in Nigeria.

How Can I Reverse Airtime Sent to a Wrong number? 

Once you notice that you have made this mistake, call your bank helpline. This is dependent on if the number hasn’t used the airtime.

The help line will request for your name, the wrong number you sent the airtime to and the right one you want then to reverse it to.

If these information is provided correctly, the bank will reverse the airtime to the right number.

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To avoid this mistake, ensure you double check the number and the unit of airtime you want to purchase. Don’t be in a hurry because it can be stressful and frustrating going through the process of reversal or refund of cash or airtime.

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