How to Check 9mobile/Etisalat Data Balance, Data Balance Code, Subscription Code

In this article “How to check 9mobile/Etisalat Data Balance, Data Balance Code and subscription code” I will show you how to do them easily all by yourself.


9mobile is one of the top four Telecommunication companies we have in Nigeria, among which are MTN, Airtel and Indigenous globacom(Glo).


9mobile which was formally known as Etisalat got rebranded recently because of the evolution of the 0809ja. The rebranding also affected the change in their color which symbolizes dynamism, vibrancy and life.


9mobile is one of the fastest, reliable and stable communication networks in the country. It has good browsing speed and lasting data bundle, although it’s not one of the cheapest in terms of data purchase.


However with 9mobile, you can get as low as #50 worth of data for your daily internet need. This means that there is heavy and light data plan for every costumer and subscriber.

How To Configure Your 9mobile/Etisalat Sim


Most devices and gadget recognizes the insertion of sim card into the system and sim slot. Once a sim is inserted and you choose your preferred sim for data, it configures automatically. Or you might receive a network configuration settings prior sim insertion, which you will accept and install.

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If you didn’t get any of these automatic configuration settings, please don’t panic as I will show you how to configure it on your own.


Step 1. Go to your message and simply type “SETTINGS” and send it to “790”. Once you have done this, you will get two configuration settings “customize and whole installation”. Click on them, save and install them. Then you are good to go.


Step 2. This is more like a personal configuration setting. Go to your phone setting and click on more, then cellular networks, then access point names, click on the + sign at the top right corner to add new APNs. On the access point name, type “9mobile”, on the APN type “9mobile.internet”, for your proxy type “”, and on the homepage, type “” Once you have done this, restart your phone and change your preferred data sim to 9mobile.

Code To Check 9mobile/Etisalat Data Balance 

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Have you been looking for how to Check your data balance on 9mobile? Here is the simple code.

To check your data balance, simply dial *228# and send. You will get a notification via sms in few seconds.


To check your airtime account balance simply dial *232#.


To stop auto renewal or opt out/deactivate any plan, the code are the same. Just dial *229.*0# and send.

9mobile/Etisalat Subscription Codes 


The 9mobile subscription package are available to all works of life, which is the heavy and light pack.


Once you subscribe to any data plan and it gets exhausted, it auto renews itself provided you enough airtime balance to make the purchase. To avoid this dial *229*0# or send “stop” to 229.


9mobile operates a rollover data system such that if your current subscription is still on and you want to buy a new plan, the old bundle will be added to the new one you just purchased.


The general code for subscribing your 9mobile line is *229#. When you dial this code, option will appear on the screen for you to choose which of the data plans you desire to buy.

9mobile/Etisalat Data Bundle Plan


Different data plans are available on the network ranging from 50mb to 120gb. There are also special plans like the weekend plan, night plan and social media plans.

9mobile Daily Data Plan


For daily bundle here are the codes, the volume of data and price.

1. Dial *229*3*8# for 25mb at #50

2. Dial *229*3*1# for 50mb at #100

3. Dial *229*3*2# for 650mb at #200

4. Dial *229*3*3# for 1gb social plan at #300

5. Dial *229*3*4# for 2gb social plan at #500


Etisalat/9mobile Weekly Bundle plan 


For the 9mobile Weekly plan here is the code.

1. Dial *229*2*10# for 150mb at #200

2. Dial *229*2*1# for 1gb social plan at #500

3. Dial *229*2*2# for 7gb social plan at #1500


Etisalat Monthly Bundle plan 


For the monthly data plan on 9mobile check here.

1. Dial *229*2*12# for 500mb at #500

2. Dial *229*2*7# for 1gb at #1000

3. Dial *229*2*8# for 2.5gb at #2000

4. Dial *229*2*35# for 4gb at #3000

5. Dial *229*2*36# for 5.5gb at #4000

6. Dial *229*2*5# for 11.5gb at #8000

7. Dial *229*4*1# for 15gb at #10000

8. Dial *229*4*3# for 27.5gb at #18000

9. Dial *229*2*4# for 75gb at #15000

10. Dial *229*4*5# for 100gb at #84990

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Etisalat/9mobile Night Data Plan 


For 9mobile Night Data Plan, here are the codes.

1. Dial *229*3*11# for 1gb at #200

2. Dial *229*3*12# for 3gb at #1000(valid for 30 days. Evening and weekends only).

3. Dial *229*3*13# for 7gb at #2000(valid for 30 days. Evening and weekends only)


9mobile Other Data Plan 


For the other data plan here are the codes.

Dial *343*5*10# for 1.5gb at #500(for social media plan).

There are quarterly, biannual and yearly plans also. The access it dial *229*5*(1,2,3)# respectively for your choice.


Final Words On Etisalat/9mobile Balance Codes

Hope you find this article on How to Check 9mobile/Etisalat Data Balance, Data Balance Code, Subscription Code helpful?

This information is subject to change with the change in the company’s plan and code.

Thanks for reading.

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