$20,000 US Bank Scholarship

1st financial bank USA scholarship

US Bank Scholarship program is one of the platforms through which students obtain academic financial aid.

The need for academic support can not be hitched to any particular race or country. This is why the US Bank has decided to lend a hand to provide financial aid to students.

This page contain a lot you need to know about educational support from US Bank. How to apply, eligibility, requirements and about the Scholarship.

Read on to find out about this scholarship program and who is eligible to apply. See: best nursing schools in America

About The US Bank Scholarship

The US Bank Scholarship is also known as The Financial Genius Scholarship Program.

Anyone who wish to apply must be 16 years and above. Applicants must be an undergraduate in any of the accredited universities or colleges.

The aim of this scholarship program is to avail and provide financial support to students. It helps to take care of tuition, accommodation, meals and other academic needs.

Successful applicants are rewarded with financial aid of $20,000 to take care of their annual academic needs.
This Scholarship program also provide rewards of $10,000 and #5,000 in the program.

This scholarship fund is paid directly to successful applicants colleges or universities. The money paid to the institution is to cover all states academic expenses.
US Bank withdraws the scholarship if the money is not used for the right purpose.

US Bank Scholarship Requirements

The requirements for the application of the US Bank Scholarship similar to the eligibility.
Scroll down to see who is eligible for the program.

Application for Scholarship

The application for the US Bank Scholarship is done online, on the US Bank website. See website link for application here.

US Bank Scholarship

Deadline for the US Bank Scholarship is usually around the month of October.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for the America Bank Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria. Read also: PTDF scholarship 

1. Applicants must be 16 years of age and above.
2. The applicant must be an undergraduate and must be enrolled in any of the US Bank approved institutions.
3. Applicants must be lawful residents of all 50 states of America and the district of Columbia (US).
4. US Minors must request the consent of their guardian or parents before applying.
5. US Bank employees, and other sponsors are not eligible to apply.


You have the information and details you need on the Scholarship program now. Go ahead and apply and claim your school aid.

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