1st financial bank USA scholarship 

1st financial bank USA scholarship, 1FBUSA has announced the financial goals scholarship program. A program that commenced November 2020 and through out the year 2022. This program is a monthly scholarship entry, where new winners are given $2000 monthly.

About 1st financial bank USA

The 1st financial bank USA was founded in 1910. It provides student credit cards and other financial services to graduates and undergraduate.

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They offer banking services, college data, free online web search and builder loan. You will find educational and personal financial information on the site.

1st financial bank USA, first introduced the scholarship program in 2019. A financial aid of $1000 was given to 50 successful entrants in America. This sum up to $50,000 students financial aid shared by 1FBUSA.

Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

The 1FBUSA scholarship program is open to the residents of the United States of America. Entrants must be at least 18 years or above. They must have plans to enroll in college or are already undergraduate. Entrants must complete the online application process and provide 500 words of personal statement.

1st financial bank USA scholarship

Former winners of the scholarship program are not allowed to apply again. Staffs of the US Bank and sponsors family are not eligible for this program.

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The financial aid is for those who are not able to provide the finances needed for their education.

Application for 1st financial bank USA scholarship.

The application for the 1FBUSA is online via their website. Click here to apply for the scholarship.

Applicant are required to fill out the form online. They must respond to the online application process with the right details. Entrants must respond by providing 500 words of their personal statements.

Final Word

This is the goal of the 1FBUSA. To provide financial aid to students who are willing to pursue their academic career.

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