Kaduna State Scholarship: Requirements And How To Apply

Kaduna state scholarship

That illiteracy level is higher in the Northern Part of Nigeria than the Southern part is no news. There are states in the North with literacy level of the population below 20%.

Religious, Political and social cultural believes, settings and environment have been identified as the major factors responsible for this negative educational statistics.

Therefore, a lot of measures are being put in place by the government and organisations to drive peoples interest towards academic growth.

Kaduna State is one of the States in Northern Nigerian which also features a not so encouraging 30% literacy level statistics. It is part of the places in the North where efforts are ongoing to drive the growth of and interest in formal education.

The state government has put and is still putting a lot of measures in place to achieve this. Many policies have been made and many establishments set up. One of this is the Kaduna State Scholarship and Loans Board.

About Kaduna State Scholarship

The major goal and objective of the Kaduna State Scholarship and loans board is the identification, selection, and empowerment of qualified citizens of Kaduna State to remain globally competitive and meet future and current manpower requirements of the state.

The government also seeks the rewarding of hardworking and excellence of its citizens. It seeks to build human capacity and make Kaduna State the best one of the best states in the world and the best in Africa.

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To this end, various scholarship offer options have been made available which can be mainly divided into 2, Local and Foreign based Scholarships.

The Local based Scholarships are further into 2 parts which are Merit based and Need Based. The Foreign Based Scholarship is divided into, Merit based, Disability, Sport Based, Emerging Skills Fund and Needs based.

Kaduna State Scholarship Eligibility Requirements.

Though the requirements are similar in some areas, there are a lot of differences in the Qualifications needed by a candidate for each of this scholarships.

Criteria to meet up with depends on the one you are applying for among all the options. Here we will look at the Eligibility requirements for them
For the Local Merit Based Scholarship, candidate must;

  1. Be a student with at least a semester remaining at the time of scholarship disbursement
  2. must not be a spillover student
    Have a 3.5 of 4.0 CGPA or 4.0 of 5.0
  3. Present evidence of B grade in five Olevel subjects and C grade in the other subjects taken. It can be WASSSCE or NECO.

The Local Needs Based Scholarship is targeted at poor and needy indigent students, and the requirements that must be met are;

  1. Minimum CGPA of 1.6 of 4.0 or 2.0 of 5.0
  2. Number 1 and number 2 of the requirements for the for the Local Merit based
  3. Must be ready to provide Tax Identification number (TIN) and Biometric Verification Number (BVN) information.
  4. Must have resumed ND 1, HND 1, or 100 level even if there is no result available yet.
  5. Parents death certificate should be made available in case parent is deceased.
  6. For the Foreign scholarship, the Merit based division is divided into to, Postgraduate and Undergraduate. For the undergraduate, the candidate must have Grade A in Mathematics and English and Grade B minimum in other subjects in Olevel. For the Postgraduate, The candidate must have a first class in 1st degree programme or Masters to qualify for Masters or PhD scholarship respectively.
  7. For the Disability, candidate must have a medical Certificate from government hospital confirming the disability. A 2.5 of 4.0 CGPA or a second class lower degree is the minimum requirement for Masters Postgraduate study. Candidate can apply for the scholarship even if admission is not yet secured. The Scholarship will be awarded when admission is secured at a recognised institution.
  8. For the Disability undergraduate scholarship, the only difference is the academic qualification needed. Candidate needs evidence of grade C in minimum of 5 Olevel subjects which includes English and Mathematics.
  9. The need based Scholarships is for the poor and needy students, the emerging skills aims to train students in merging of the skills of today with tomorrow, while the sport based is for international exposure for youths and women who stand out in sports

Further details on the requirements are available on the Kaduna State Scholarship and Loans Board Website.

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How to Apply

Once all the needed documentations and details are made available, application for the scholarship can be done online on the KDSG scholarship and loans board website.


Do do well to check the website for updates and know when the application is open. Also, don’t forget to share this piece for wider benefit and reach.


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