Borno State Scholarship: Requirements And How To Apply

Are you a Borno State student who would be interested in Scholarship opportunity for your academic need? Or you are interested in knowing about the Borno State Scholarship programme? You’ve come to the right place. There you will get all you need to know about the Scholarship.

Talking of literacy level, according to the stats released by UNESCO, Borno State ranked as the least on the Nigerian states with 14.5% literate population.

The factors responsible for this poor statistic are not really far fetched. The state has had quite a sort of big rough time in the last 11 years. Terrorism, (Book Haram, ISWAP), banditry are the major troubles that has render the state a skeletal of its old shape. Add to that religious, political and sociocultural factors and one can see the state really has quite a lot of foes militating against its educational progress. See Kaduna State Scholarship: Requirements And How To Apply

The state Government, Federal Government, international organizations and NGOs have all been making efforts to make Borno State find its feet again and set on the pathway to recovery and progress.

Educational Development is vital in this journey. It is one of the ways to boost educational development in the state. And The introduction of scholarship opportunities for students and potential students at various levels.

Scholarships assist students who are financially handicapped to finance their academics. It also serve as a means of encouraging those who may not be interested in formal education in the state to give it a try.

The state governor, Professor Umara Babagana Zulum was quoted at some point as saying, “Education is the bedrock of any development. Without functional educational system, we shall continue to experience this Boko Haram insurgency in Borno.”

About Borno State Scholarship

The Borno State Scholarship runs under the control of the Borno Scholarship board. The scholarship is divided into 2 categories which are the Local Scholarship and the International Scholarship. Read also HOW TO START NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL IN NIGERIA

The Local Scholarship is for Borno State Students that are currently studying in Colleges of Education, Polytechnic or Universities in the country, while the International Scholarship Programme is for Borno State students who intends to travel abroad for their tertiary education.

Requirements, Eligibility Criteria for Borno State Scholarship

So who can apply for this Scholarship? What are the conditions to be met to be qualified as an applicant for it? See them below.

For Local Scholarships the applicants must;

  • Be an indigene of Borno State.
  • An undergraduate of a recognised college of Education, Polytechnic, OE University.

For the International Scholarship qualification, applicants must;

  • Be an indigene of Borno State.
  • Must have gotten admission to a recognised Tertiary institution abroad.

How to Apply

Application for any of the 2 categories of the Scholarship can be done online on the Borno State Government Scholarship Website click here

Documents that may be required to scan and upload for the application include, Passport Photograph, Admission letter, Indigene Certificate, School Identity Card, and so on.

After completing the form online, you will still be directed to print and submit the application form along with copies of Indigene ID, Admission letter and school ID to the Borno Scholarship board. Applying for this Scholarship program is not a stressful thing to do.


That is all about Borno State Scholarship, its requirements and application process. Please share!

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