Texas board of Nursing(TBON) application, requirements, portal, phone number and license verification

The Texas Board Of Nursing TBON, is also referred to as BON. This Agency has the mission and vision to ensure the safety of every resident in the state of Texas.

BON is ensuring the protection and promotion of the welfare of the people in the state. They are out to regulate and issue license to every practicing nurse. They also evaluate the competence of every registered nurse.

As a graduate or RN with a BSN, MSN or doctoral degree in nursing, you will require a license from BON to practice.
Board of Nursing collaborates to ensure the regulations of Nursing communities.
They have the legal binding of the nursing practice Act. This Act supersedes the interest of individual, nursing profession or special interest group.

Read on to find out more details about BON. Their responsibilities, application, requirements, online portal and lot more.

Texas Board of Nursing Responsibilities

BON is responsible for the following;

Licensing: It is the duty of BON to issue license to graduate of Nursing who wish to practice. Nurses with other license can also obtain TBON license.
Renewal of licenses by Registered nurses is done biennially on their website with evidence of continuing nursing education.

School Approval: BON is responsible for approving schools of nursing for intending nursing students.

Enforcement: Texas board of Nursing is responsible for enforcing the nursing practice Act and setting rules and regulations.
They set nursing standards, conducting investigation of complaints against nurses and adjusting complaints.

Information: BON provides information on their websites on nursing practice Act, rules and regulations, guidelines, licensure information et al.

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TBON Application

TBON has since May 29, 2020 stopped paper licensure application.
All applications, renewals and eligibility is provided on their website. Click here to apply.

TBON Requirements

Here are some of the requirements for the application of BON license for nurses.

  • A completed application by NCLEX® examination.
  • Duly paid fees.
  • A completed criminal history report(none criminal history)
  • An evidence of success on English proficiency exam.
  • Full and original education professional report, credential evaluation service.

Learn about the requirements here.

Texas Board of Nursing portal

BON is now running a paperless application for a license. All applications are carried out online on their website.
Click here to access the online nurse portal for application.

Texas Board of Nursing phone Number

Will contacting BON on phone be more convenient for you? If so, here are some of their contact addresses and phone numbers.

Texas board of Nursing

Costumer service Email address: [email protected]
P: (512) 305-7400
F: (512) 305-7401

Toll-free compliant line

Physical address:
Texas Board of Nursing
William P Hobby building
333 Guadalupe, suite 3-460
Austin, TX 78701-3944

TBON License Verification

You can search for BON verification by name, license number and/or NCSBN ID.

To check for BON license verification kindly click here


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