Read about High Phosphorus fertilizer and how to use them 

Are you looking for high phosphorus fertilizer for your flower bed and garden? Let me show you how to make some for your flower garden.

Fertilizer helps to enrich and enhance soil nutrients. Plant growth is factored upon the quality of fertilizer or manure available in the soil.

Phosphorus fertilizer helps to build root development. It is essential for starting new plants and lawns.

Nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium are the three major constituents of fertilizer. Be it organic, Inorganic/synthetic fertilizer, the NPK must be in their right ratio.


How to Read Fertilizer Labels


The pack or bag of fertilizer usually carries the ratio of NPK in it. This indicates the number of Nitrogen, phosphorus and Potassium contained in it. The format appears in ratio. For example; 1:2:3 or 1-2-3.

This numbers indicates the number of NPK the pack or bag carries. The first number is for Nitrogen N, the second is for Phosphorus P, while the last one is for Potassium K.

It shows that there are 1-N, 2-P and 3-K. I hope that you get this clearly. If you do, then you can read a fertilizer label. It is very simple to read.

High Phosphorus fertilizer

This will help you understand and know the right fertilizer for your farm.


Types of high phosphorus fertilizer You should know


There are varieties of high phosphorus fertilizer you can cheaply produce. You can also shop for some online on Jumia and Konga

Let us look at some of the high phosphorus fertilizer available on this page.


Hair. High phosphorus fertilizer


It shows that hair contains about 30 percent of phosphorus by weight.

Which makes it rich in phosphorus content.

Hair doesn’t come to mind when thinking about materials for fertilizer. It is however one of the most matters with high phosphorus.


Sourcing for hair is usually not difficult. Although, hair takes long to break on its own but when mixed with other materials, it compost faster. It is a very slow release fertilizer.

Hair has over 10% of Nitrogen but contains no Potassium.


Bat Guano.


Excreta from bats and other seabirds are good sources of phosphorus fertilizer. Bat guano contains about 10 percent of phosphorus by weight.

This fertilizer source also has over 10% Nitrogen and about 5% Potassium.

It is usually difficult to get enough quantity of bat guano and droppings of seabirds. The best bet is to purchase them and add to other sources.

These fertilizer has medium release time. It is best used when the soil pH is high. To avoid burning plants, this fertilizer should be buried and mixed in the soil.


Bone meal


Bone meal is good for high phosphorus fertilizer. They are gotten from crushed bones and other waste products from the abattoir.

This fertilizer is effective to plants when soil pH is at 7.0.

The phosphorus weight of bone meal fertilizer is about 15-25 percent. It has medium release time. To avoid bone meal fertilizer from burning your plants, mix with other sources and do not apply directly to the plant.

About 5% of Nitrogen is present in bone meal fertilizer without any atom of Potassium.


Fish meal


Fish meal is another good high phosphorus fertilizer. They are in powder form. This fertilizer is usually gotten from grounded fish parts and bones. It contains a good amount of phosphorus.

About 8 percent weight of phosphorus is contained in fish meal fertilizer. It has a medium release time and it’s effective for about five months.

Powder fish bone fertilizer also has about 10 percent of Nitrogen, although no Potassium.


Enriched rock Phosphate


Rock Phosphate is one of the best phosphorus fertilizer used for growing plants. They exist in limestone and sedimentary rocks. Phosphorite contains above 25 percent phosphorus by weight.

They are slow release fertilizer and effective for a long time. You can apply enriched rock Phosphate once in five years. This fertilizer does not contain Nitrogen nor Potassium.


Burnt Cucumber skin


Burnt cucumber skin is rich in high phosphorus fertilizer. They are a very good source of fertilizer with over 10 percent of phosphorus by weight.

Sourcing for this matter is usually very easy and cheap. This fertilizer contains over 20 percent of Potassium but doesn’t contain Nitrogen. They have fast release time and are effective for just few weeks.

It is ideal to apply directly to the soil to avoid burning the plants.


Summary on High phosphorus fertilizer


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