Best PMHNP Programs With Tuition Fee.

Best pmhnp programs

It takes a combined background knowledge of Nursing and psychiatry to do well in this field of science and mental care. For you to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner, you need to enroll in the best pmhnp programs.

This career requires that you acquire your doctoral or masters degree in one of the accredited institutions.

In most cases if not all, it takes starting from the nursing school before becoming a psychiatric nursing practitioner. This means that, you have to first have the basic knowledge of Nursing or an RN before proceeding to become a PNP.


What does a PMHNP Do?

PMHNP stands for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. It can also be referred to as Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

It is an advanced practice registered nurse, APRN. A PNP will have to graduate into PMHNP. It is a high paying field in the nursing an psychiatry profession.

As a PMHNP, you are trained to provide mental health service. This include performing a developmental, mental health and physical assessment of patients.

You are responsible for diagnosing the condition of the patient mental Health. A PNP treat patients in prisons, community mental health centers, substance abuse centers, private and home centers.

Psychiatric Nurse practitioner give care, provide integration and prescribe psychopharmacology. As a PNP, you are also a liaison in all the field of mental health and offer psychotherapy to patients.

This is why you need to get the best pmhnp programs and put in the required work and effort.


How Much do PMHNP Make? Best pmhnp programs


As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, you will earn over $120,000 per annum. You also have the leverage to earn up to $60 per hour. The job offers you the opportunity to schedule your working time at your convenient. You choose when and where you want to work and care for your patients.


Types Of PMHNP Programs


Here are types of psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner programs yo should know.

  • DNP Psychiatric NP Programs

This type is open to nurse practitioner who desire to further their career in psychiatric mental health. You can enroll in Doctor of Nurse practice, PhD and EdD programs, which will allow you become a professor or administrator.

  • Direct Entry Psychiatric NP MSN Programs

This type is a fast track opportunity for those who have master’s degree in other field other than nursing. Entrants can pursue their nursing education in PNP with a non nursing masters degree.

  • Accelerated MSN Psychiatric NP Programs

This type of program allows individuals with a non nursing bachelor’s degree to acquire a PNP.

Some programs accept entrant without an RN or BSN and fast track their MSN programs. This will offer you the chance to acquire an RN at the end of the program which will make you eligible to apply for the NP.

  • MSN Psychiatric NP Programs

As a registered nurse with a BSN, it is much easier for you to acquire an MSN. It is one of the most common and popular options available to become a PNP.

  • RN to MSN PMHNP Programs

If you a registered nurse with a diploma in nursing, you can enroll into a bridge program that will fast track your BSN such that you will acquire an MSN at the end of the program.


Best PMHNP Programs


Here, we have selected and compiled ten best pmhnp programs for you. This will help guide and inform your thought the decision you wish to make regarding your PNP career.

Read on to find out.

Best pmhnp programs

1. Duke University. Best pmhnp programs


The first on the list of best pmhnp programs is Duke University.

University ranking is determined by some set of acceptable performance and excellence attained. It is the reason USnews rate DU as the No. 1 in pmhnp.

Duke University of Nursing and psychiatry train and groom students to be leaders. This is done so that nurses and mental health practitioners will be able to served in rural communities.

If you are passionate about giving care to all age and serving in rural communities, Duke University is there for you.

The application fee for domestic and international students is $50. An affordable tuition fee of $1,900 per credit hour is charged.


2. Vanderbilt University


Vanderbilt University is a well known private school that is famous for their the nursing programs. They offer doctoral and PhD degrees in nursing. This university is reputable for their online nursing programs.

Vanderbilt University application fee is $50 for local and foreign students. Tuition fee per credit hour is $1,710.


3. University of Pennsylvania


The university of Pennsylvania is a top ranking private institution that offers MSN in pmhnp. It is ranked among the top 3 schools offering MSN in PNP.

University of Penns is held at a high reputation all around the world. It is open to both Americans and international students. The application fee for domestic and foreign students is $80. Tuition fee for UPenns full time is $45,000 yearly while part time is almost $2,000 per credit.


4. Rush University


Rush University is one of the prestigious institutions you should consider when going for pmhnp. Interestingly, they offer online programs for your comfort and convenience.

The psychiatric nurse practitioner program in rush university is for doctoral programs. Tuition fee per credit hour in Rush University is $1,200, which is very affordable.


5. Yale University: Best PMHNP Programs.


Yale University is one of the top privates schools offering the best pmhnp programs. The school offers students the benefits of Yale highly respected nursing education.

It’s application fee for American students and foreign students is $100 while the tuition fee is $26,000 per term.

You can acquire your MSN and APRN Certificate in psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner from Yale.


6. University of South Alabama


The university of South Alabama offers a wide range of programs for nursing and concentration for psychiatric mental health practitioner. Programs which include MSN, DNP, DNP specialty certification and post graduate certificate.

These concentration covers PNP and PMHNP for family.


7. University of California, San Francisco


The university of California, San Francisco is one of the best and very affordable institutions to pursue your nursing career.

Instate student pay an application fee of $105, while international students pay $125. Tuition for full time masters degree program for locals is $12,500 per year. However, international students pay $25,000.

This public school offers DNP, BSN, MSN and PhD in nursing.


8. University of Washington


The university of Washington is rated as one of the best pmhnp programs in the world. UW is among the most talked about institutions where you can acquire reputable degree in nursing in DNP, PhD and MSN.

The university is properly accredited and famous in their health and nursing programs. The quality and worth of this institution has attracted local and international students.

Instate students pay about $40,000 as tuition per annum while foreign students pay $56,000 yearly.


9. Ohio state University


The Ohio state university is notable for their nursing programs. It is one of the best rated institutions to consider in furthering your career in mental health practitioner.

They offer MSN, BSN to DNP and post master’s certificate programs.

The application fee for Ohio state university is $60 for US residents and international students. The master program is full time and the tuition is about $1000 per credit for instate while out of state is $2,400 per credit.


10. Emory University


Emory University is a private research university. It is highly ranked as one of the best nursing schools in Masters and doctoral programs.

This institution is open to international students who desire to pursue their nursing career in mental health.

Emory University application fee is $50 for both foreign and local students. Tuition fee for masters program is $1.900 and it’s a full time program.


How to Pick The Best PMHNP Programs


Picking the right school to run your pmhnp program can be difficult some times. Here are some of the things you should consider before picking the right PMHNP school.


This is the first thing you should consider in selecting the school to pursue your desire PNP program. A well accredited school will graduate you on time and your certificate will be acceptable anywhere.


How affordable the school is another factor to consider before picking the application form. It’s important to calculate your cost properly before starting to avoid running into debt. Although, some schools offer financial aid. You need to find out.


For a real time, you should consider the proximity of your home to the school. How easy is the school to your home.

Length of program:

It’s important to know how long the program should span as against other schools. This works for both online and real world experience.

Knowing all these will help you plan out your time. They will make you avoid unnecessary hitches during the course of your study.


Summary on Best PMHNP Programs


This is what we have for you on the best pmhnp programs. I hope it’s of a real value to you for your time?

Thanks for reading and kindly share.

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