Remote jobs NYC

Are you making plans to migrate to New York City or you are already a resident? Here are some of the remote jobs NYC offers to residents and immigrants who are duly qualified.

If you intend to travel to the United States precisely New York, then you should consider applying for one of these well paying jobs.

Remote Jobs NYC

Here are few of the selected remote jobs NYC offers. You can sit in the comfort of your home, work and make good money hourly.

 1. Remote Benefits Advocate

Benelynk New York, is looking to employ a qualified remote benefits advocate. This job position is open to persons who have the quality it takes. Benelynk NY, remote benefits advocate is a full time remote job.


The salary for a remote benefits advocate in Benelynk NY, is estimated to be between $18-$21 per hour based on experience. The more experienced you are the higher the pay.

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Remote benefits advocate role at Benelynk requires applicants to have the following before applying.

  • A high school certificate or a preferred general education degree.
  • An excellent communication skill in writing and in speech. Must be proficient in English and Spanish language to communicate freely.
  • He must have a sound analytic skill.
  • Experience with Medicare advantage and good costumer interaction skill.
  • He must be computer literate.


Benefits for working with Benelynk NY, as a remote benefits advocate are as dollows;

  • Access to Health insurance.
  • Dental insurance coverage.
  • Access to employee assistance program.
  • Monthly recognition bonus incentives are available.
  • You will have 401k matching.
  • Excellent career growth and advancement opportunities.

Job description

The job of remote benefits advocate requires an experience employee who will assist, support and educate managed care members. Visit Benelynk. for more information.


The qualifications required for this role is as follows.

  • Must have a good sales ability.
  • You must have the US work authorization.
  • An excellent analytic skill is required.
  • A preferred general education degree or a high school certificate.
  • An excellent communication skill.
  • Must pass drug screening test.

 2. Analyst Fraud

The remote position of an analyst Fraud is available in New your city. If you are qualified and experienced in this field, kindly see it as an opportunity to work full time remote job in NY.


Working as an analyst in mirror company NY comes with a great a rewarding salary. Your estimated salary for the year is between $60,000 to $80,000 per annum.


Here are the requirements for the role of analyst fraud.

  • You should have at least a year over all working experience.
  • An excellent communication skill is required. Should be able to write and speak fluently.


Working as an analyst in mirror in NY, you are entitled to the following benefits.

  • You will have access to their health insurance cover.
  • You will enjoy employees discount.
  • A 401k matching is also available.
  • Free mirror and subscription during the time of employment.
  • Work from home stipends.

Job description

The job description requires that employee report to the senior manager of logistics. You will be charged with the responsibility of improving and adding value to the company. Employees will work closely with Member Experience of mirror, their Supply Chain, and Software teams. This is to understand the core processes, identify, investigate inventory and membership discrepancies.


The required qualifications for the this job are as follows:

  • You must have an Analytic skill
  • Supply chain skill is required.
  • You should be experienced in process improvement.
  • You should be good in detecting fraud.

 3. People Operations Associate.

Maven company are searching for eligible employee for the role of people operations associate. The salary, benefits and job descriptions of people of the job are contained below.


Working as people operation associate, you will earn an annual salary between $30,000 to $105,000 depending on your qualifications and experience.


The benefits of working as people operations associate in Maven are mentioned below.

  • A dental insurance cover.
  • Health insurance cover.
  • Available vision insurance cover.
  • A flexible work schedule.
  • Provision of food.
  • Available Professional development assistance. Etc

Job description

People operation associates at maven requires a virtual women and family health care services. You offer a holistic and continuous service for fertility, pregnancy, family health and parenting.


The qualifications required for the this job are listed below.

  • At least a two year working experience in administrative role and operations.
  • Employees must be familiar with Google suite and Microsoft operation.
  • A good interpersonal relationship and communication proficiency.

4. Hospitality Representative

Shake shack New York, has an opening for a remote worker for the position of a hospitality representative. It is a full time remote job for eligible applicants who wish to apply.


As an employee in shake shack NY, your pay per hour is within the Range of $14-$18. You will have to multiply the pay by the number of hours you work per day. See shakeshack for more information.


For you to be eligible to apply for the the position of a hospitality representative at shake shack NY, you must have the following.

  • Entrants must have an experience working remotely.
  • Applicants must be an excellent communicator in writing and speech.
  • He must have experience working with CRM platforms like salesforces service cloud.
  • Entrant must have passion for the brand.
  • Must be willing to take up innovation and must be a problem solver.


Here are benefits you will get working as a remote staff in shake shack NY.

  • You will have insurance on health.
  • Dental insurance is provided.
  • You will have discounts as an employee.
  • You will enjoy company paid time off program.
  • Online training program and career development and lots more.

Job description

As a hospitality representative at shake shack, your job description require excellent and best delivery service across various social media platforms. This is done through email, text, chats, calls, and also a follow ups on happenings at various shacks locations.

You serve as the first contact costumers and client make through various online platforms. As a HR, you are responsible for providing timely, relevant response to complaints, inquiries and requests made by guest. All report are thereafter forwarded to the right department.


The qualifications needed for the role of a hospitality representative at shacks company are listed below.

  • United States work authorization.
  • Excellent communication skill.
  • A good costumer support skill.
  • An excellent Salesforce.
  • An awesome receptive and hospitality presence.

Remote jobs NYC

5. Accounts payable clerk @ roles at yipitdata

6. Payment Representative @changehealthcare.

7. Disability claim specialist @prudential.

8. Costumer Support [email protected]

9. Dispatch support specialist.

10. Administrative manager @ good shepherd services.


Summary on Remote Jobs NYC

These are few of the remote jobs NYC are offering. If the role you desire to pick up is no longer available, you can pick another. You can also keep an eye on the role pending when they will announce vacancy.

I hope you find this post helpful.

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