Aquaculture system 

This post contains information on Aquaculture System. It explains what is Aquaculture, benefits of Aquaculture system and it various types.

You will agree with me that a greater portion of the earth is covered with water. The geographers said its a 70/30 proportion of water to land.

This heavy water presence has become a great resource aiding the production of aquatic life(plants and animals)

Read on to acquire the long sought after knowledge.

What is Aquaculture

A lot of people think of fish Farming when they hear of Aquaculture. However, the term aquaculture goes beyond just farming Pisces only. The word is large and covers more than just fish rearing.

Aquaculture deals with the deliberate process of breeding, rearing, and harvesting of aquatic life(plants and animals) in a control aquatic system or environment. This environments or systems includes ponds, lakes, rivers, aquarium etc.

The purpose of this farm is not just for its beauty like the aquarium, but also to provide food for man and also to complete the ecosystem. This farming is done in order to preserve certain species of life.

Benefits of Aquaculture system

Here are some of the benefits of the aquaculture system to man and the environment.

 1. Serve as food source

Aquaculture system helps to offer alternative food source. Plants can be grown in water without soil which is called Aquaponics. Where land is scarcely available, plants can be grown and harvest on water. Other animals and seafood can also be reared in water. These food are rich in protein and less in cholesterol.

 2. Conservation of biodiversity

Controlled aquaculture system helps to reduce the incidence of fishing activities on the wild stock in the ecosystem. Since there is an alternative to uncontrolled fishing activities in the wild, aquatic lives are preserved from going into extinction.

 3. Alternative fuel sources

It is interesting to know that algae farming is gradually replacing fossil fuel. Algae produce fats which when burnt give out water as their byproduct. These lipids are being used as alternative fuel source which are not harmful compared to fossil fuel.

 4. Create job opportunity

Aquaculture is a very good source of employment. It is a lucrative agribusiness that generate large profit for the owner. Recirculating aquaculture system requires expertise. Fish pond construction and maintenance provide jobs to experienced persons.

Researches and inventions on Aquaculture System help to provide jobs.

 5. Reduces seafood trade deficit

Aquaculture provides readily available and cheap seafood with good quality in the market. This will reduce the demand on the importation of seafood from Asia, Europe and America. It helps to reduce the cost of importing seafood since it can be harvested within the country.

Types Of Aquaculture System

 1. Fish Farming

Fish Farming is one of the cheapest and commonest type of aquaculture. It involves the rearing of fish like cat fish, tilapia and other species of fishes. Fish rearing provides alternative source of protein.

This is done in a controlled system like a pond, lake etc, under a regulated temperature. Fish farm requires a level of expertise, land, readily available water, and other facilities and equipment. It requires feeding of fishes and regular checks to know how the fishes are doing.

 2. Algae culture

This is an aquaculture activity that involves farming and rearing of Algae. Algae are aquatic life(microorganism) that behave like both plant and animal. They have both characteristics of plant and animal. Algae posses chloroplast which allow them to undergo the process of photosynthesis. They also act like microbes in their motility form.

Like stated earlier, algae are currently being harnessed to become an alternative source of fuel over fossil fuel. This is possible by farming them in a large proportion. Aside it’s use as fuel, their application is remarkable in the market today.

 3. Mariculture

Mariculture is also a part of Aquaculture system. This act involves the process of farming plants and animals in a seawater. You can achieve this by either farming your aquatic life close to an ocean where you can tap from the seawater. Ponds can be constructed with seawater introduced into it.

The essence of the seawater is to allow wild microbial organism and plants to do well in it. Aquatic life like prawn, molluscs, crabs, seaweed and others will be grown in it.

These seafood are in high demand because of their protein contents and rich nutritional value. Also, manufacturing industries like the jewelry and cosmetics need them for their production.

 4. Recirculating system

The recirculating aquaculture system is an advance and complex system of fish Farming. It requires expertise and huge capital. For the recirculating system, facilities and are needed to run the process efficiently. The technical know how of the farmer is beneficial to the process.

This farming process is sectioned from the fish pond to the water treatment facility. The water used in farming goes through a continuous water treatment process. Waste and other harmful matter are trapped and siphoned through other chamber while clean water goes back into the pond. During the process of water treatment, water ph, temperature and oxygen are controlled.

This aquaculture practice requires constant power supply and large expanse of land. Little or no water is replaced after each treatment process. Although in the long run, you will need to replenish or add water to the pond. This is because there will be water loss over time.

 5. Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

The integrated mult-trophic aquaculture, IMTA is a complex and an advance practice of aquaculture. In this system, various aquatic lives are introduced in a pond to interact. This is more like a natural aquatic habitat where different levels of organisms are reared in a controlled system.

Aquaculture System

This system requires a good experience in aquaculture. They are practical no waste of resources because feeds are recycled. Waste from higher levels are converted to feed for the lower levels.

For this system to be highly efficient, and productive, the knowledge of the interrelationships between the organisms should be properly studied.

Summary on Aquaculture System

The aquaculture system is a relatively a large one. It economic, environmental and health benefits are great. The whole process helps to complete the ecosystem and preserve wildlife.

Often time, aqualife harvesters don’t care much about how the harvest seafood. Uncontrolled harvesting of aquatic life send some species into extinction.

With a deliberate involvement in the aquaculture system, a lot of marine species will be preserved.


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